Meaningful Holiday Cards

Nov 15, 2019

Easy steps to holiday cards.

Its the time of year, to start thinking about holiday cards. Unless you already have them, ready to be mailed. Like some people 🙂
Ok, I admit, I love to get a head start with holiday cards. Mainly because I live far away from home (home being Croatia) and I value staying in touch with my loved ones. So I will always and forever be sending out those cards. Even if I stop receiving them, mine will still go out. At least thats the plan.

If you are not quite as excited about endless addressing, and several runs to to post office, during busy season, here are a few tips and tricks on how to make this whole process more smooth.

Start them early

This way you can divide the number of cards you are writing per day. Having to write and sign 30 cards in one night does not sound fun, but one or two isn’t that bad. Adding a handwritten note will make your recipients feel special.

Splurge on addressed envelopes

Websites like Minted offer pre-printed addresses on the envelopes

Share fun details

Add some details about your family’s year, in addition to a photo update. Did you go on an exciting vacation, your kids won some medals, or you moved to a new city?
This is a great opportunity to share your life updates and help your loved ones, who you maybe don’t get to see so often, stay connected.

Don’t strive for perfection

Keep in mind, the whole point of holiday cards is for you to stay in touch with your loved ones. You will always be your own harshest judge. If all you have to send to the printer is that one image you are all together, but its a cell phone shot. Do it anyway.
And to avoid this scenario for next year, read suggestion #8


Send New Year’s Cards instead

If you are just too overwhelmed with all things holidays right now, why not send out cards at the beginning of the new year. The recipients will be just as happy to get your card at a later date. Maybe even surprised and excited that they got one from your, after all.

Are you camera shy – get creative

A little curiosity goes a long way when it comes to Christmas photo ideas for the camera shy. Find a fun way to send along your wishes this year.

Personalize the envelope

Let your kind use the envelope as their canvas. It will make your cards stand out, and your kid happy.

Start planning early

This is advice for next year. If you are looking for a holiday card with your family on it, make sure to book your family photo session well in advance. Reach out to your photographer in the summer, to grab a spot for fall. This way you wont feel rushed, and your photographer will have more time to work with you.



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