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Best Board Games for Kids

Mar 26, 2020

I come from a family of board games. This was our way of socializing.
With so much family time, I bet it can be challenging to keep everyone happy and excited. Adding a new one to your collection can help you create some quality time, everyone will be excited for.

Board games teach our kids so many things, like communication, rule following, taking turns, sharing, as well as math and patience. Who doesn’t want all of that, while you are having a fun filled family evening.

My little one is almost 3 and she is excited to play some of these games.

Board game scrabble letters

Age: 3+

Magnetic Bingo

A simple game of bingo. But made with magnetic coins, which is brilliant, you can play it on the go, and it adds excitement fo Very handy. We love it.

Hi Ho Cherry-o

A game of basket filling-fun! Great for learning to count, as well working on math skills through play.

First Orchard

I love cooperative games. Working as a team, the children try to pick the fruits from the trees before the raven reaches the end of the path.

Shopping List

Who loves shopping? Race round the shop against your friends and see who will be the first to collect all the groceries on the list

The Sneaky, Snacky Squirrel Game,

Help develop matching skills, strategic thinking, turn-taking, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills with this board game for kids.

Snug As A Bug In A Rug

A fun cooperative game, for your family to interact together.
Cooperative games cultivate emotional development, shared decision making, positive self esteem, creative problem solving and develop a sense of community in a non-stressful play environment.

Lucky Ducks

A mix of memory and skills. The duckys move as you are trying to catch the ones that match.

Board games scrabble letter set up

Age: 4+


Bingo with a Zing. Its just like bingo, but with pictures. Great for pre-readers and early readers, as each picture has the corresponding word on it.

Hoot Owl Hoot

This is another cooperative game. Kids learn simple strategy, following directions and taking turns.

Hungry Hungry Hippos

This is a fast paced one. And the rules are pretty simple. Whoever gets the golden marble wins.

Let’s Go Fishin

Did you play this one when you were little, just like I did?
Great for coordination and fine motor skill practice for the little ones.

Board game dice

Older kids


This is a fun one for the entire family. But can also be played at a young age. You are trying to occupy the most of the board with your pieces. It is an abstract strategy board game.

Connect 4

The recommended age for this game is 6+. But we find it fun even at an earlier age. Just be cautious as it contains small pieces, if you play with younger kids.


Who doesn’t love Jenga?! Not much explaining needed here.
Does your toddler love to build towers and then wreck them?

And while you are at it, having fund with your family, grab your camera, or phone, and snap a picture. We need to document all the moments of love and laughter in these uncertain times. Here is a post on how to take better pictures of your kids.



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