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Apr 21, 2020

Hands on tips for taking better images at home.

Mama you are a rock-star! You didn’t just add another human to this world, you also did it during a global pandemic.
And since I can not serve you, by coming to your home, and capturing all this love and excitement packaged up in your little bundle of joy, I wan’t to help you capture images for yourself.

I want to share some useful newborn photography tips and tricks you can implement and preserve these special moments.

What you’ll need:
Camera – DSLR or phone
Neutral color bedding, (or soft colors).
Coordinated outfits – check out this Pinterest board

Happy baby

This one is a no brainer, but lets go over it anyway.
Make sure your baby is happy. I know you guys just met, but you already have a clue on whats making your baby happy and what not. Simply be sure the baby is well fed, changed, and warm enough. If you are in a colder climate, be sure to crank up the heating a little so if you are doing some outfit changes, or are trying to add some shirtless shots, your little bundle is still comfortable.

Capture the relationships


Relationships are the best part of being part of a family. Your fresh new bundle of joy has changed the whole universe for you. Please make sure you are in some of the images as well. Even if you aren’t feeling like it, you will appreciate it later.

Focus on the eyes.


Make sure that your camera’s (or phone’s) focus is set on the eyes. If the baby isn’t looking towards you, focus on the closest eye, even if they are sleeping.
When we look at an image we will always be drawn towards the eyes. They are the ones you look into when you talk to a person.
Making eyes pop even more in a picture is by capturing catch light in them. This will occur if there is a light source on their face. Standing next to a window, or lamp.

Light – make the face the brightest thing.


Light is the ultimate source that will make your pictures look good, so of course it’s one of my ultimate newborn photography tips.
It’s the same like seeing, in order for us to be able to see something, like read a book we need sufficient light. Grainy and low quality images are usually a product of insufficient light. As well as having a color cast on your image, this comes from using artificial light. So here are some quick things to know:

  1. Turn off all artificial light.
    It sound counterintuitive, but adding artificial light (overhead light, or a lamp) will add a color cast to your image. Natural sun light is the one you want to work with.
  2. Direct and indirect light.
    Ideally you want to work with indirect sunlight, if it is indoors or outdoors. This means when you are taking pictures during bright sunlight, make sure to diffuse it. Indoor – you can use a curtain to soften the direct light. Outdoors – find some shade.
    Softening the light will make the shadows on the face softer, and direct sunlight will create harsh shadows.
  3. Directions of light and shadows.
    Keep an eye on how your subjects face is facing the light. Is it creating big shadows on their face?
    The best place to have your light source coming from in relation to the face is the top left or right corner. This way it will hit the eyes first. And to repeat you want to diffuse direct sunlight. This can be done with a curtain, or using a window when its not having direct sunlight shining through.

Choose a simple background + declutter.


Make sure you declutter the space you are photographing in. This doesn’t mean you need to spring clean your entire home. Just clear out a little corner. A cozy chair, a bench, or just the floor + AND everything in the background of it that might get into the picture.

Whats the best angle.


Chances are your cute little baby will look good from any angle, but the truth is, there are angles that are more and less flattering. And not to discourage you, but knowing to choose the best on is an art. Although there is a simple guideline to follow – photograph from a higher point. This angle will help accentuate the most important features firs – the eyes.

Location ideas.

Here are some location ideas, you might have access to in your home.

  1. Your bed.
    Make sure to use a white or neutral colored sheet, or any pattern you have that is the least distracting. You want your baby to be the focus here. The lighter the color around your baby, the brighter the image will be. And of course make your bed.
  2. Bassinet/Crib
    This is something that could be mover around, closer towards a window, if the light is not perfect.
  3. Backyard
    Use a picnic blanket.
  4. Rocking Chair
    This is another item you can move around, closer towards natural light. And also this is a great place to capture you and the baby.

Don’t forget the details.


Make sure to photograph the little details, they won’t stay small forever.
Hands, feet, eyelashes, belly buttons. The yawns, smiles and cries.
As our babies grow, we forget how small those little features were. I am telling you this from first hand experience. As a mama to a 3yo any time I get to photograph a newborn baby, I am again and again reminded how little they truly are.

I hope you can find these tips helpful, and create some magic on your own. And if you are in the Houston area, please reach out to me and lets plan your next photo session. I would love to serve you.

For even more ideas on how to take better pictures of you kids, visit this post. These tips can be used for older kids, not just for newborn photography.



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    Great Blog. I hope it will helpful for many people. In order to capture newborns in adorable curly poses, you should take newborn photos five to twelve days after giving birth.
    Thank You.

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