How to find your ideal clients + free template included?

Sep 3, 2020

Things to consider when creating your ideal client persona.

Step 1. Do the work.

First and foremost you have to establish who your ideal clients are.
I think one of the most important questions to ask is, what problem am I solving for my ideal client? What is their pain point, that I can relate to?
After you have brainstormed about it, go even deeper, and be as specific on defining the persona of your ideal client.


If you want my full list of questions for how create you ideal client persona, make sure to grab my freebie here!

Step 2. Find them.

Now that you have an idea who your ideal client is, what they like, where they go, what brands do they use…and so on. You need to find them. Go where they hang out. And I mean all of this virtually of course.
If they are on Facebook, you need to be on Facebook, or is it Tik Tok, or Instagram. Look into different hashtags, follow them, or bigger brands that align with yours, and interact with their followers.
Just don’t sit there waiting for them to find you.

Step 3. Talk to them.

Ok you found them, you interacted with them, now you need to talk to them on your platform. You are not trying to attract everyone anymore, however scary that might be. You are making connections, being relatable.
They might feel like a stranger, at the beginning.
Ask them, what are you struggling with?
You want them to get to know you, so they can know you are a good fit for them.


Step 4. Nurture them.

You don’t want just customers, you want them to become fans! They need to know – like – trust you.
This is the journey you want to take your potential clients on, before they decide to purchase from you.
Know – First they need to discover you, know about you and the awesome product or service you have to offer.
Like – Now they need to like what you are sharing. This is why it’s so important for you to understand who your ideal client is, so you can know what they like. Makes sense?
Trust – To build trust you need to present yourself as the expert in your field. Share your knowledge, your testimonials, and let your work speak for you. Don’t be shy on sharing your experience for free through freebies, educational videos. Show parts of your process with looks behind the scene.

Step 5. Get social proof.

Secure those testimonials. This is a shortcut to building the trust piece we just mentioned.
How often are you looking to buy a product or services, and made your decision based on other people’s positive experience? I know I do it all the time. So why should this be any different.
Make sure you are encouraging your current clients to leave you positive reviews and testimonials.

Now go grab my freebie with a list of questions to ask yourself, in order to create your ideal client persona.

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