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Jan 10, 2022

Please introduce yourself and your business.

Hi! My name is Kaylee Woodard. I am a certified pediatric sleep consultant and occupational therapist (OT). I have spent the last decade working with special needs families and in the childhood development world. In the past I have served as the director of therapy for a large pediatric outpatient clinic. Currently I work as an OT in a level IV Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) where I help premature and medically fragile babies reach developmental milestones and educate parents on how to safely interact with and care for their precious babies. I was born and raised in a small Midwest town and now live in Houston with my husband Jake, 2 year old son Jaxon, and baby girl Eloise. I am obsessed with traveling any chance we get and a lover of live music, queso, grapefruit La Croix, and red wine.

I own Rested Roos Sleep Consulting where I combine my knowledge of childhood development with sleep science to provide 1:1 sleep coaching to exhausted parents who want to teach their 0-6 year old children healthy sleep habits. The idea is to provide holistic, judgement free solutions to get families sleeping again in ways that align with their parenting philosophies. My goal is to provide parents with tools they need to feel confident and empowered managing their children’s sleep using positive behavioral strategies and developmentally appropriate sleep schedules. I have just expanded my business to include my first online course to sleep train toddlers (16-36 months) and plan to add additional courses and age groups in the upcoming year after maternity leave. I truly believe every child is capable of great sleep when we equip them with the proper tools!

What inspired you to start your business?

As a pediatric occupational therapist, I have worked with thousands of children and began noticing a common trend; many of the children I work with simply did NOT sleep! As an OT I understand how critical sleep is to healthy childhood development in terms of learning, memory consolidation, emotional regulation, reaching milestones, body and brain growth, immune function, and general social and coping skills. These are all areas we work on in therapy! Week after week I watched exhausted parents bring their children to therapy sessions and I began to realize the dynamic role sleep plays for the entirety of family harmony (because when children don’t sleep, neither do their parents!). When I had my own baby, and especially when I needed to return to work, I began reading all of the sleep books and realized many of the popular best sellers gave parents confusing and contradictory advice.
All humans need sleep and it shouldn’t be this hard to come by! It was then that I set out to earn my certification as a sleep consultant and become a trusted and reliable source for parents and provide them with actual solutions to solve their sleep issues.

How are you helping your clients?

I help exhausted parents teach their children to sleep independently within 2-3 weeks. I empower parents with the tools they need to implement healthy sleep habits for their family for life so they can truly enjoy more of parenting. When parents and their children are sleeping well, I see improvements in mental and physical health, relationships within the entire family, and general well-being and happiness.

What are the top 3 things you learned since you started your own business?

  • There will always be more to do, add, or build, but that doesn’t mean it ALL has to be done today. Finding a work-life-family balance takes ongoing attention, patience, and flexibility and there will be many seasons of change throughout the journey.
  • The power of mindset! A positive, healthy mindset can serve as a sustainable motivator and asset for growth, but a negative mindset will likely hold your business back more than any other factor. It contributes to confidence, seeing and taking advantage of opportunities, and overall steps towards success. Without mindset growth, there is no business growth. It is so important to conquer that mindset because the world needs what you have to offer!
  • The importance of self care- this goes for business AND motherhood. Without taking time to slow down, reflect, and build in self-care routines, burnout is inevitable. When looking at the long game of parenting and business, burnout is just not an option, but self-care will lead to sustainability and growth. Sometimes self care for me involves a dreamy tropical vacation or a fancy dinner out with my husband. But MUCH more often, life only allows for 5 minutes of mindfulness or a solo run to Target. No matter how you get it, it’s important to take that step back so you are not just going through the motions!

What are your favorite business resources?

I LOVE a good podcast! My current favorite is the Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher. The most recent business book I read and loved was Chillpreneur by Denise Duffield-Thomas.

Why are branding images important for your business?

Branding images build trust with clients and paint a clear picture of what I offer. I believe my brand photos have helped my clients really get to know me and see into my personality and values. They paint me as a trusted expert in my field- there is nothing more important than trust when working with the most precious part of a parent’s world, their child!

Does your business need new branding images? Contact me, and let’s chat.

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