What productivity hacks work for me.

Oct 10, 2019

Hacks that keep me more productive, as a busy mama, and business owner.

You know the saying, time is money. That is so true, and the fact that you can’t really buy more time, is why productivity hacks are so vital for me to get things done. Who doesn’t want to be the most productive self. As a mom photographer I….

Task management – how to better keep track of what needs to get done

1. Brief yourself on the day. Make your To-Do list the night before, or first thing in the morning, and keep score of the items you have finished on a done list just next to it, to keep you motivated.

2. The Big 3. Set 3 tasks you want to achieve in the day. Break up your todo list. Prioritize whats the most important on your list.

3. Eat the frog first. This is one of my favorite productivity hacks. Now that you know what are your most important tasks of the day, start with the one thing you want to do least. Yeah, you read it right. Get it out of the way, so you can move on to the more fun stuff.

4. Batch tasks. Compile similar tasks, and work on them at the same time. It takes time and brain power to move between tasks. I know you can multitask, but is it the most efficient way to work?

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Implementation – how to actually get things done.

1. Wake up earlier (and go to bed on time). Nothing is more productivity enhancing to me, than waking up early and having a whole day ahead of me. Keep the social media scrolling for the weekend (or your day off) as well as Netflix in bed (however tempting that sounds right now). Studies suggest that early risers are more optimistic than night owls. If you are a lover of the snooze button (like me), put your alarm clock somewhere far, so you have to get up to turn it off. And once you are up, you are a few steps closer to that first cup of coffee.

2. Figure out the best morning routine for yourself. For me it’s this: I make my bed, and open the windows. Turn on the essential oil diffuser and put in something like orange/rosemary , drink a big cup of water and meditate – I like to read my morning devotion, before my toddler starts taking over the day.

3. Eat a good breakfast. Pre-make your meal the evening before, if time is of the essence in the morning for you. Here are some meal-prep ideas. My personal favorite is overnight oats.

4. Be aware of distractions. This sounds simple enough. But really take a minute to analyze all the time-wasters in your life. I have learned that often time when I only want to check something on social media quickly, I get sucked in, and 30 minutes later I don’t even remember why I opened the app in the first place. Take some time to observe and record what most often gets in the way of your productivity. Record it, and make a plan how to get it out of your way.

5. Figure out a system. There are an abundance of choices like the following, the key is to find the one that will keep you most productive. Pomodoro Technique of time blocking in short segments or sprints.
The SMART Method is a goal setting system that helps you break down your goals into tangible, specific action-items.
Getting Things Done (GTD) to quote the official website; GTD is a personal productivity methodology that redefines how you approach your life and work.

So there it is, my most favorite productivity hacks. Now get your favorite planing device out (I still prefer paper over screen), and start planning your day-week-month, you name it.



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