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Apr 7, 2020

If you have these basic craft supplies in storage you are set for almost any kid activity.

I was always a craft lover, but ever since we have found ourselves in the self-isolation situation, we have been reaching towards our craft supplies to set up a kids activities on a daily basis.
So naturally I had to upgrade our supply stock with items like the ones in this list.
These are some basic things we have, that you can do almost any craft project with.

I find projects on Pinterest (of course) as well as on Instagram, where I see my fellow mamas enjoying doing projects with their little ones.


Watercolor palette / Tempera Paint Cakes

We reach for our water colors almost daily. It doesn’t have to be anything complicated for my little one to have fun with the colors. So I always make sure we have a palette somewhere.

Paint Brush Set / Foam Brushes

Almost every art project in our house includes using paint brushes or foam ones.

Washable Markers

Make sure they are washable 😉

Construction Paper

There are endless ideas of projects you can do with just a little colored construction paper.
**Suggested activity: RAINBOWS.

Clear Contact Paper

Contact paper can be used to seal your kids art project and make them last longer. You can use it to make place mats. Or some art-turned-into-activity for your window.
**Suggested activity: tissue paper kite.

Tissue Paper

You might have some tissue paper stashed in your present wrapping station. Did you know you can use it for many fun projects.
**Suggested activity: Tissue rainbow.


Pompoms can be incorporated in an art project, but also used for creating activities.
** Suggested activity: activity 1 or activity 2.

Pipe Cleaners

Somehow we always have a few of these hanging around.
**Suggested activity: Pipe cleaner activity

Washi Tape

If you are a fellow journaling lover I don’t even need to tell you about the amazingness of washi tape.
**Suggested activity: washi tape with your toddler.

Googly Eyes

Adding googly eyes to your craft project is just fun.
**Suggested activity: Googly planters.

Popsicle Sticks

Here’s one idea for a project with these.
**Suggested activity: The possibilities are endless.

Wooden Beads

**Suggested activity: Key chains.

Washable glue / Glue Stick

Air-Dry Clay

If you are crafty with your hands, this can be a great staple to have in your art closet. You can quickly build pretty much anything, and let it dry over night.
**Suggested activity: Here is a simple project idea.


Learning to use scissors is a big stepping stone in developing fine motor skills, and it will help your little one in learning how to hold a pencil or crayon. Opening and closing of the scissors will develop muscle which are crucial for gripping and manipulating objects (like pencils).
It also helps develop eye-hand coordination, as the child is holding the object that is being cut (like paper, or a leaf) in one hand, and the scissors in the other. Which also makes them practice bilateral coordination. (each side of the body is performing a different task).

Painter’s Tape

I never thought I would love painters tape as much as I do now.
We use this for setting up activities like Pom-Pom Drop.
To create an indoor obstacle course.
Or in various art projects.

Food Dye

This is a handy kitchen item to have for so many things. Our favorite is adding some dye to our water sensory play.
**Suggested activity: water-sensory play.


Rubber Bands

**Suggested activity: Rubber band printing.

Cotton Balls

We love using everyday items as craft supplies and set up kids activities with them.
**Suggested activity: Rainbow.

Dot Stickers

My love for dot stickers started with the @busytoddler Instagram account. Susie has so many fun activities for them.
**Suggested activity: Heart Stickers or Name Game.

Dot Markers

These go great with the dot stickers above, for setting up fun activities.
**Suggested activity: Dot matching or Dot Patterns.

Art Smock

Even if all your paints and markers are washable, having one or two of these hanging around can be super helpful. I love the pockets that come with these art smocks, as they always come in handy.


Tool for grownups

These are some of the craft supplies only I use either to set up kids activities, or to make sure the craft stays preserved for some time.

Mod Podge – dishwasher safe

I use mod podge to seal things off. I don’t let my toddler use it herself, yet. You can turn many projects into durable art pieces just by adding a coat of mod podge.

PVC Cutting Mat

This is great to have around, so you can prepare all the kids activities without hurting your desk, or table.

X-Acto Knife

Nowadays we do at least one or two craft related activities a day using a variety of these craft supplies. But there can be some set up and clean up involved. So when I just don’t have it in me, to get everything ready, we grab a board game instead. Its a great fun alternative, for the entire family.

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  1. Lee Anne says:

    All of this just makes me happy! Mod Podge is my favorite. You have curated a great list of supplies to have!!

  2. Nicole says:

    Great list, reminds me I need to restock some of these!

  3. Roshini says:

    Great list of supplies for kids. I am constantly searching for supplies for my 3 year old to idle for sometime while I am working .

  4. Jen says:

    This is a great list! I taught art history for our homeschool co-op and have many of these supplies still on hand. I appreciate the links to different activities to try! Thank you!

  5. julie says:

    This is a great list of craft supplies for many fun projects with little kids! Thanks for sharing.

  6. Great list of things to keep on hand.

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